American Supercamp is a riding skills and balance improvement course for ALL motorcycle riders using aggressive and innovative riding drills composed by the best riders in motorcycling (Carr, E. Bostrom, Edwards, and more). The camp is designed to force students to critically think about their actions and the effects on the handling of the motorcycle. The camp focuses on improving your techniques of cornering for safety and speed; improving your abilities going into a corner, getting out of a corner, and if need be, past the competition.


Street Riders

We wish the world was a perfect place, but it's not. Road debris, animals, cars, and any number of variables can cause a loss of traction or the need for a panic stop. We provide training for exactly those situations.


It is no secret that many of today's top roadracers have a flat-track background. Flat-track riding teaches riders to control slides at both ends of the bike. And, when you seek to push the boundaries of traction, you slide! We show you how to better understand how these slides work with and effect roadracing bikes.

Flat Trackers

No where else will you be able to get as much in depth knowledge and analysis about the keys to getting into and out of the corners faster than with drills designed by the some of the best TT and oval riders ever!


Generally speaking, the most time to be gained on any track is getting in and out of the corners faster. That is exactly the focus of American Supercamp


The unique demands of supermoto riding are all covered right here. From the key elements of sliding to dealing with wide variances in traction, you will find the necessary tools here.


Camp Types

We offer a variety of camps to suit any riding level or racing ambition:

Intro One-Day Camp

This Program will be a full day of riding for students both Non-Racer and Racer that want to experience a little bit of what we do at our two day camp.  Though each participant won't get as much out of this camp as they would our normal two-day camp, the price of admission and the time spent will still be a solid bang for their buck,

Two-Day Combined Camp

This is our standard two day camp with all of our drills, a ton of riding and a great time. In every school we divide the class into three different riding groups for track time. The combined schools are just a combination of both more aggressive racer types and more recreational riders. We just make sure we cover everything from street riding to racing.

ReTread (repeat student One-Day Camp)

Occasionally, we do one-day camps (usually following a 2-day camp) for folks who have previously attended any Supercamp. There is less verbal instruction and more riding (and drills) during these camps.

Which Camp Do I Take?

Racer? Non-Racer? or Advanced?

This is probably one of the most common questions that potential students ask as they ponder signing up for one of our camps. We think this will give you the information you need to make the right decision. If you are still unconvinced, then you can contact Danny by e-mailing him. Who knows, maybe we'll add a paragraph to this page detailing your decision dilemma and how to deal with it.

What is the difference between non-racer and racer curriculum?

There's really absolutely no difference in the program between our racer and our non-racer camps. We get people that are just enthusiasts - people that have never raced any type motorcycle in their lives, and we don't want them out there in the same session as a bunch racers. The different camps allow us to seperate aggression and comfort levels.

Our non-racer program applies to people that have ridden before. Usually street riders, lower aggression track day roadracers, and dirt riders with only a year or two of experience. We don't take beginners that have never ridden a motorcycle before in the non-racer enthusiast program. We want people that have some motorcycling experience, but it's going to be a bit more of an aggressive-type of school than you would find with the MSF or a other safety school.

The racer camp may apply if you are a street rider wanting to be a road racer, motocrosser, dirt tracker, amateur or expert but generally it is people who have already participated in some racing at the "racer camp". If you want to use this technique to help your racing, it doesn't matter what kind of racing it is, that's what the racer school is for. You just have to have the mind set of, 'Hey, I want to apply what I'm gonna learn to help with my racing,' whatever type of venue that may be for you.

Where does the beginner need to look if he or she has never ridden before?

As aggressive as MSF is getting with some of the dirt bike training courses, and some of the regular street-riding courses, I'd tell the outright beginner to go through their program. Get your feet wet there first.

I'm a middle-aged older guy, you used to race, but don't anymore. Which class do I take?

Those kind of people actually fit in the middle, and we often do have people that fit somewhere in the middle. Is your goal to get from the school that you're just going to go back and do some street riding, you're going to be an enthusiast, and you're not looking at taking these qualifications and going to the track, then I would sign up for the NON-RACER.

If you say, 'I used to race twenty years ago. I haven't ridden in quite a while, but I might want to start racing again and can't stand it when someone passes me.' Well, you could fit in the racer camp. Within both the racer and non-racer schools, we split you into three different groups. Those groups are also based upon, not necessarily ability, but on aggression level. We're trying to get people that can ride with each other and learn the most.

A guy like that - 40-ish, used to race, wants to maybe start riding again - it could go either way. It depends on how he's feeling. If he's one that fits in the middle, he could be in the aggressive group of the non-racer camp, or the non-aggressive group in the racer camp.

The difference is, in the first two days, we try and focus more on how the techniques that we teach helps street riders. We still talk about how the racers use it, but not as much. In the racer camp we definitely try and focus more on how and why the racers use these techniques and what to look for in practice if you are wanting to be or planning to be a racer.

What is the Advanced Camp? Can I do that?

The Advanced is only available to REPEAT STUDENTS over the age of 13 that have already taken a racer or non racer American Supercamp. If you feel you are not an aggressive rider this may not be for you. It is flat track racing type riding, however has many advantages for our aggressive track day and roadracer students. If you do not have your own steal "hot shoe" please request one with your boot size.

Any clearer? We hope so. If you still have questions, that's fine. E-mail Danny at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Every situation is different. 

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