It just depends on what your goals are, and how much riding experience you have under your belt. Please read the camp type overview page.
Our camp prices use to vary depending on the location. If you take a little more time and look on our camp dates page you can see the cost of our camps. 10 years and over 8,000 students later we have not had one person after taking our camp say the price was not completely and totally worth the experience.
Motocross gear is the most comfortable and practical. Bring your motocross jersey, pants, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves if you have them. If not, gear is available (please be sure to fill out the appropriate section on your registration.) Leathers, either dirt-track two piece or one piece roadrace style leathers are acceptable. But, they are more restrictive and chances are good they will get DIRTY. Either a motocross helmet or roadrace style helmet works fine, however a motocross helmet with goggles may have less tendency to fog. Likewise, most wear motocross styled gloves, but if you prefer the extra protection of leather roadrace styled gloves they will work just fine. Boots, motocross boots or roadrace boots are appropriate. Heavy stiff motocross boots do get tiring quickly though. If you have both, bring them. If you have an older well worn pair of moto boots they will work great. Supercamp is not a fashion contest, students ride in almost anything. An open-face helmet with goggles or a full-faced helmet are both acceptable. Again, we do have riding gear available for students to use if you don't own any.
Definitely!! Supercamp provides the opportunity to learn what a motorcycle feels like when it is out of control - at a slow reasonable speed. The techniques apply to every type of motorcycle discipline you might be into.
A large number of students are street riders. Some have real world experiences after attending Supercamp that prove how well the techniques work. A panic stop on the street is exactly what we are practicing - only in a controlled environment at lower speeds.
Road racing at the highest level involves sliding the tires on pavement. Learning how to do those same techniques aboard a 6 or 7 horsepower bike on dirt applies directly to sliding on asphalt, but without the potentially painful and expensive consequences of the same thing on asphalt done incorrectly. Ask any of our former guest instructors: Chris Carr, Colin Edwards Jr., Aaron Yates, Nicky Hayden, Josh Hayes, Ben and Eric Bostrom, and even Scott Russell- all of whom have ridden at Supercamp.
Getting in and out of a corner safer and faster is good no matter what type of riding you are doing. Making that pass on a slippery, off-camber turn requires maximizing traction. Supercamp can teach you how to get the most out of the available grip.
Instructor Will Davis (Will's no longer with us, God rest his soul), a lifetime dirt tracker and a professional since 1981, once admitted that he learned more during one of our 'mud drills' than he had in all his years of dirt tracking. Enough said.
We hope it is fun! More fun than you imagined. But, it is also going to make you a better rider. Many students over 40 have the biggest smiles at the end of the day. You get to see inside and participate in the same training as some of the best racers to ever throw a leg over a bike. There is no pressure to break any records - your desire will determine your result. We bet you become a safer rider along with the good time.
A lot. There are a few lecture sessions, but most of the time is spent on the track, learning the techniques. You will sleep well the night after each camp.
A little exercise does not hurt lunges or leg-lifts help, but stretching regularly for a couple of weeks before you come will make a HUGE difference. Again, this is a go-at-your-own-pace program. Arrive with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. This is supposed to be fun.
From 8 to 80. Youngsters attend, and we attempt to keep them in their own group, depending on the circumstance. Older guys who have never ridden on dirt in their life are common as well. One of the common misconceptions is that this is a school for racers and wannabe-racers. This could not be more incorrect. Sure, there are aspiring racers and pros who attend, but the majority of the students are there because they want to learn how to slide, no matter what their background. We go to great lengths not to intimidate anyone.
The surfaces vary from facility to facility, but it is a dirt arena, almost always covered. We will ride on several track configurations from an oval to different TT configurations. The Supercamp crew keeps the track prepped and watered constantly.
Catered lunch is provided, as are drinks such as water and Cytomax sports energy drink.
Pushing a motorcycle to its limit is one of the most satisfying experiences in motorcycling. The same actions and principles apply at higher speeds on larger bikes. These nearly indestructible little bikes allow you to get as close to the limit as you dare, and go over that limit with limited risk of serious injury.
You usually laugh...really. Then get up and continue riding. Speeds are lower, and dirt, although hard, is pretty forgiving. Supercamp believes you can learn from your crashes.
No, we provide the motorcycles, and we prefer it that way. Our bikes are set up specifically for this training. There are too many variables and it is even more confusing to have the additional factor of an unfamiliar motorcycle thrown in.
Please, no. Spectators are specifically prohibited. We certainly have a lot to do and we need your full concentration. Buddies, hangers-on, and riding partners are not good for you. Go back home and tell them how much fun they could have if they sign up. If you are traveling long distance and have specific requirements concerning your family, please call us to discuss.
Parents are allowed to stay in the bleachers and observe the school, however we do need to establish a relationship with every student, especially the kids. We do ask that you allow you son or daughter to become part of the class, and if they have a question to seek out an instructor instead of a parent. Let the instructors do their job and both of you will get more out of the program.

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